Dear Friends

There lies magic in connecting with others around a table, in a house, with no other agenda than to share and make good times happen. No matter what background, opinion, attitude, experience people bring to the table, people always find a way to get along. 

Too often we forget how we are the little creators of big worlds. And those worlds can start forming in a conversation with the other. 

For us our mission is clear: we create, we host, we serve. In many ways this feels like a contribution worth making. Opening spaces, setting up tables, inviting for experiences. In the real world, in the analog world, in the human face-to-face world.

our most loved

Welcome to MyPlaceIbiza, your gateway to exclusive villa rentals on this magical island. 

In 2024, we elevate your stay with a touch of indulgence – meet Freddy, our expert masseur, ready to transform your villa into a haven of relaxation with complimentary massage for weekly bookings.

Embark on maritime adventures with our diverse fleet of boats, ranging from intimate vessels for secret Calas exploration to luxurious yachts for classic day trips to Formentera. 

Elevate your culinary experience with chefs Mike and Raul, each crafting delectable delights that have delighted our guests for years.

Our expanded private taxi service, now with a bus accommodating up to 17 people, ensures seamless travel around the island. 

Navigate Ibiza's vibrant scene effortlessly with our insider guide, unveiling the best restaurants, beach clubs, and steering you clear of any tourist traps. Don't miss our MyPlaceIbiza guide, an essential companion especially for first-timers, ensuring you make the most of Ibiza's dynamic fiestas and events. 

Your journey to the perfect Ibiza getaway begins here.


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