When Jorge Jordán was 21 years old, he discovered acupuncture and shamanism and unknowingly marked the beginning of his spiritual search. Soon he was practicing Qi Gong, and Pre-Hispanic Dances, until he studied the psychotherapy of Stanislav Grof, Eugene Gendlin and Milton Erickson.

Now, he recognizes the direct experience of the Advaita system and the beauty of Tantra Yoga Meditation, which are the center of his study and interest. Jorge lives between Madrid and Ibiza with his wife Pastora and their children Andrés and Ricardo. Hold training retreats and individual sessions of Body Knows Breathwork, in Ibiza and the rest of the World.

Certified by Transpersonal Training Grof. Trainer of the Focusing Institute of New York. Master in Individual and Group Psychological Orientation. Gestalt, Group Dynamics and Psychological Counseling by Carl Rogers from the University of Comillas. Expert in psychotherapy and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Erickson Institute Madrid. Qi Gong massage and Tai Chi in Guang An Men of Beijing China. Yam Kam, Karsai and the training of Chi Nei Tsang Masters at the Thai massage school of the Ong, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Advaita System and Tantra Yoga Meditation with Francis Lucille, Rupert Spira and Ellen Emmet.


I breathe all experience

Body Knows Breathwork begins with rest, recognizes that there is no separation between life force and consciousness within the body and understands our unity with the cosmos. Old body patterns have led us to seek happiness, peace and love in objects, in relationships, in altered states, in substances or activities, and there our search has failed, stress, anxiety and one level or another of Addiction has been the provisional result. Our felt experience seems to be obstructed by psychosomatic thoughts and patterns based on the defense and maintenance of a separate imaginary entity that seems to take control of the natural, calm and transparent functioning of the body. By letting thoughts flow; to allow them to be what they are, the energy of life restores the sensitive freedom of the body, and reveals the space between breaths that are the source of all movement, showing its most intimate secret, what we are without words. What do we know about experience and breathing in the body?

A Bath of Presence and Spirit

In practice it means feeling the sensation of breathing feeling, that is, allowing vitality to discover itself in us, surrendering ourselves to the spirit of the air. By feeling the sense of breathing we permeate ourselves with the experience of the spirit and allow the body to gradually return to its natural and organic state of openness, transparency and happiness. We learn to feel and move the body in a way that is consistent with living exploration. Beyond the usual thought the dance of energy is revealed directly in us, a vibrant and complete body, a feeling of happiness that embraces everything, the joyful experience of flowing in freedom. It is an invitation to listen to the intimate sensation of the body, which is openness, fullness and love. What is aware of the immediate living of now?

Meditation, direct experience

The vital energy moves without the person. Making friends with the breath of life leads us directly to our hearts, to knowledge without teachings or teachers. As the natural movements of energy are fully welcomed, habitual and repressive patterns are released, discovering their fresh and natural authenticity. In the openness without limits the true body breathes and the inner caress expands significantly in us, it is in the continuity of the breathing game where there are no losses or gains, it is love finding itself. In direct experience thoughts leave their kingdom, the body rests, the breath is released and the experience becomes clear and understandable. What does the air contact feel in our immediate experience?

Body Knows Breathwork

It is the intimate experience of the spirit that comes from ordinary people, it is not something we do, it is the breathing of life dancing in the body. Open to the possibility that peace, love and joy are our true nature. Feeling the vitality in the body is the awareness before words. It is not detachment or transcendence, it is the simple disposition and recognition of life breathing in us, the realization of a common yearning, which leads us to love the beauty of the present, the essence of the universe. What is life breathing known to?

Listen to the Breath of Life

Allowing the breath of life in our experience produces immediate living, well-being and clarity. When we estimate ourselves as a vital force, we create greater understanding, and the body appreciates the opportunity of unification with the present life, so we experience that breathing is nothing more than an expression of joy. The breath of life is so simple and evident that we overlook its intimate essential nutrition and connection with the universe. Listening to the breath means approaching life and discovering oneself in it. When there is awareness in the breath, the whole being relaxes in a hug; the experience flows without pause or effort, we rest in the presence that never comes and never goes, love is restored. What perceives the vital energy in the body?